Quick Facts

About ME:

Mark writes to keep his own demons at bay, while sharing with the reader the love of God, and how God uses the most unlikely persons to fulfill his Kingdom.

Hi! My name is

Mark Johnson

Age: 65
HOMETOWN: Salinas, Calif
CURRENT HOME: Witness Protection Program
DEGREE: BA, Fresno State in wasted time, student loans paid off. 
FAVORITE WRITER:  Author of the Bible!

I am a published author of   NATHAN's STORY  which has been released April 30, 2019.  


Nathan's Story,   From Homeless to Medical School!  Where the rescued, rescued the rescuer!  How the most unlikely man met the most incredible kid named Nathan.  And, how their lives will never be the same!

Rusty West, 60, met Nathan MacIntosh 19.  Nathan was employed at a sleaze car lot.  Rusty delivered vehicles with his big rig.  With NO agenda and only because Rusty just liked the kid, Rusty would encourage Nathan to get himself enrolled in college for more than a year.

Unbeknownst to Rusty, Nathan was actually homeless and he had been since he was just 17.  Nathan's mom died leaving Nathan on his own.  Nathan continued to attend High School, where he graduated.  Two years later he met the man who was to change his life forever.

Nathan screwed up, landed himself in jail.  Rusty having experience in that area came to the coast where he bailed Nathan from jail.  Nathan NOW was going go to college.  He had to.  Nathan needed to demonstrate to the county D.A. that he was a good kid.

Nathan just shinned college where he then graduated 3rd in his class.  The graduation ceremony was very emotional.  Even the cop he assaulted and the Deputy D.A. attended the ceremony.  But, Rusty was late.  His mad-dash at over 100 mph trying to get to the ceremony then is lost on campus. 

Nathan shared his story to the 2500 in attendance.  Rusty was invited up on the platform.  Rusty's struggle with depression, fear of crowds, then lead to a serious bout of PTSD.

Moments after the graduation ended, Rusty fled campus to a city park where he melted down.  Nathan showed up.  It was then and there Nathan learned his adopted dad had a criminal background. 

The meeting in the park is also very emotional.  Rusty feels he is unworthy of Nathan and his achievements. Rusty's fear of abandonment rose its ugly head up.

Nathan is confronted with the raw reality of life, Rusty is falling apart thinking he had let the kid down and he was unworthy.  The rescued, rescued the rescuer!!  A book of God's restoration, of forgiveness and love of the most unlikely. 

Thunder Mountain. Soon to be released.  

A fictional account of a homeless man who wins the Super Lotto, $700m.  Lucas, a lonely reclusive wounded man, who wins and wins big.  

Friendless, living in a motor home, Lucas begins the journey that led from California to Montana where he buys a mountain.   Lucas in search of his roots, finds a small town, its residents and an Indian reservation.  Lucas finds purpose in life where he could invest the money he had won.

Lucas begins to help those in the community, at first secretly..  Ryan King and his mom who owns a café, become his only family.  Lucas loved Patsy King's cooking. 

Thunder Mountain leads the reader to the mountain but then his background catches up with him.  A dirty cop, Francis "Frank" Clark and a dirty prosecutor plot to kill Lucas.  Their fear?  He has the money to undo their corruption. Expose them for what they are.  Dirty. Corrupt.  Incompetent. 

It all culminates at a Town Hall meeting when Clark shows up to smear Lucas.  He did a fair job of it too,

Lucas and Ryan King had formed a unique bond.  A fatherless Ryan and a homeless ex-con who just loved  the town, the Kings, and his mountain. 

The many mysteries of Thunder Mountain including once the hunting ground of a local Native Indian Tribe who lost the land to the white man 100 years before. 

Lucas learns his great-grandfather homesteaded land next to the mountain, and married a local Indian girl who's descendants live in abject poverty forced onto a reservation next to the mountain. 

When the dirty cop, Francis "Frank" Clark shows up in town, all hell breaks loose.   But the ancient spirits who watch over the mountain personified in two dogs,  showed up mysteriously at Lucas's ranch.

Learning the sordid background of Lucas, Ryan King runs to safety  up on the mountain where he wrecks out, and ends up at the bottom of a gully 100 feet below the occasionally used dirt road. 

It was the ancient spirits and the two dogs who come to Ryan's rescue and also save Lucas from self destruction from his past that he had tried to put behind him.  

SOON AT AMAZON KINDLE and Barnes and Noble 

 Finally,The Misadventures of Inspector Clarka bumbling, fumbling, incompetent detective who eventually is busted with child pornography....the misdeeds of the most incompetent cop on earth.   An hilarious novel, based entirely upon a real detective who could not find his gum even if the shoe hit him in the mouth....along with short stories featuring the bumbling Inspector Clark.(SOON on Amazon)